Money Saving Meals and Desserts

I often get a craving for something sweet and I love cake. But who wants to bake a whole cake just to have a slice? I have tried the Mug Cakes that they sell in the grocery store and although they are tasty I find them to be a little expensive. I have found a great alternative! You can often find cake mixes on sale for $0.99 on sales at various stores. Next time you see them pick up 1 box of your favourite flavour cake and 1 box of Angel Food cake mix. Combine them both in an air tight container. I just use a large Ziplock bag. Then, next time you are feeling like something sweet take out you mix and put 5 tbls of the mix in the mug and mix with 3.5 tbls. of water and stir together. Place on high in the microwave for 1 minute (1 min 12 sec for my microwave) and you will have a great single serving cake warm out of the oven...well microwave. I add a few chocolate chips in the bottom of the mug for that extra chocolate.
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Turns into this! OK so the picture doesn't look so great but wow it sure tastes great!  I usually eat it right out of the mug but I greased the mug in order to take it out for the picture.