Coupons From Facebook and Websites

These coupons are either from Facebook or companies websites.
Facebook is offering Oasis coupon booklet mailed to you. Simply like the page and go the the coupons. It's that easy!/oasiscanada/app_417284648302660 $2.00 Coppertone coupon. Hurry 2 days only!  Free Lipton Sample Compare your cat or dog food to blue and get a $3.00 coupon for your next purchase of Blue!/NesquikCanada?sk=app_341887929160405 
Nesquick Coupon from FB. Like and then get your coupon.
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Colgate will mail fantastic coupons to you if you ask for them. Just send them a friendly message requesting coupons along with your mailing address:

Free coupons for signing up

Huggies Rewards

Bonus Air Miles

PaperMate Free Sample

Free Poise Sample

Meow Mix  Sample

Dove Free Sample

Melt Magazine (free and has coupons in it)

Carnation Breakfast $4.00 coupon