Product/Service Reviews

A Great Guy named Tom at Lowes hand cut 30 pieces of PVC pipe for me, so I could make whisper phones for my class! Great Customer Service!!
Skinny Cow
I recently used a Facebook coupon for $5.00 off Skinny Cow ice cream. They happened to have it at Walmart, on sale for $4.97 which made it FREE. I decided to use the coupon to buy the Vanilla and Carmel cones.

These were amazing! You would never guess that they have only 150 cal. with 3 g of fat. The taste was rich and creamy. They had the perfect mix of carmel to ice cream. It even had the little chocolate nib at the bottom as a nice treat. I give the Skinny Cow cones a buy!

John Frieda had a promotion on their Facebook page a month or so ago. They sent me a FPC for a free box of  hair colour. So off to Walmart I went. I picked up a box of John Frieda Salon Precise Foam-Coverage 8G Sheer Blonde. It came in a bonus box with a 250 mL bottle of Sheer Blonde shampoo. I thought I would review the product on the blog. So here goes:

Content: The box contains the usual 2 colour bottles you have to mix along with high quality gloves ad conditioner. I need to stop here and talk about the gloves that come in the box. They are salon quality and compared to other brands, who's gloves are so thin, you know these will last and not be punctured easily. And the bottle of conditioner is a good size bottle of conditioner that will last for weeks after you colour your hair. Often other brands give you a small packet that lasts only one use. This bottle will easily last for 4 or 5 more applications.

Product Application: Once you mix the 2 colour bottles you attach a pump like lid. You simply squeeze the bottle and the colour foam comes out. You apply the foam to your hair in sections. What could be easier? What I loved about the John Frieda Colour Foam was that it contains a lot of product. I have long hair and for years I have always had to purchase 2 boxes of colour in order to do my hair. This product had more than enough and I even had some left over. I was surprised at the amount of product and happy that one box does the job!

End Result: My hair feels like it is in better condition than before I coloured it. It is soft and shiny and the colour is scrumptious. I can easily compare it to the colour I received at the salon earlier in the year. The quality is comparable to the $120.00 colour I have had done by the professionals. I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to my friends.

Overall I am a new customer of the John Frieda  Salon Precise Foam-Coverage 8G Sheer Blonde! If you colour your hair at home or even if you normally have it done at the salon this is a product that you must try. You'll be more than happy with the results and save yourself a bundle.