Sunday, 22 April 2012

Mail-In Rebates Make the Products Free or Next to Free

Today I am mailing in my rebates for Dare (Spent $12.00  and getting a $15.00 Metro Gift Card), Quantum Finish (Spent $7.97 -$3.00 coupon = $4.97 getting $8.49 refund), 4 Kool Pops (Spent $8.00 getting $4.00 refund). Now I know your thinking it takes time and money in stamps to do the rebates. Well, with so many coupon trading groups I was able to trade extra coupons for stamps. So in the end it cost me nothing to mail in the rebates. OOP $24.97 and getting $27.49 back in rebates. Making my purchases all FREE and I made  $2.52 profit!

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