Friday, 1 June 2012

Stockpile Room

What the heck is this you ask? Well it's a room that you use to house the products you have accumulated with coupoons. I started couponing at the end of 2011 and I stored everything in my basement laundry room. I had a few shelves in there so I thought what better place. Now 8 months later my basement shelves are no longer working for me. This weekend and the next I plan to do a major overhaul on my stockpile room. Some of the things I think are important when planning a stockpile room are:
  • Think about what kinds of products you will be stockpiling
  • Sizes and shapes of products is important for 2 reasons. If you stockpile laundry soap for instance, it can be a lot of weight on a shelf. Also, if you stockpile small items like make-up a shelf might not allow you to stock your products in a way you can see them.
  • Things that expire is also a concern. Well yes I know everything will expire eventually, but some things faster than others. How should you keep track of this is something to think about.
  • The amount of space  you have to donate to your stockpile room is also something to consider.
  • Rotating stock: You want to make it easy on yourself to rotate your stock so that new products are not always put on the front of the shelf. This means you have to have easy access to the backs of the shelves without having to clear everything off.
  • How will you organize it? And how will you keep it organized?
I'll keep you up to date on my progress and post pictures when it it complete.

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