Friday, 13 July 2012

Who Could Use FREE Money

Meridian Credit Union is offering a Referral Program where if someone refers you and you open an account you both receive a $50.00 prepaid Master Card Gift Card!
From their site:
"Participating in the Member Referral Program is easy—your friends and family can apply online, in-branch or through Meridian’s Contact Centre. When your friend or family member opens their account, make sure they give us your name, telephone number and postal code, and we’ll mail you both your prepaid $50 MasterCard gift card*. It’s that simple!"
I went down today and opened a plain savings account. I did NOT have to switch anything or have my pay cheques routed there. Just opened a savings account with no bells or whistles. Thought I would throw a few bucks in there every now and then and roll it into an RRSP at the end of the year. A little nest egg that will be out of site out of mind.
So if your interested in making us both $50.00 Message, phone, email or text me for my postal code so you can enter me as your referral!
An easy way to make $50!

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