Thursday, 16 August 2012

Free Skinny Cow Ice Cream

My shop this week was interesting. I went to Walmart to take advantage of the $5.00 off Skinny Cow ice cream coupon from Facebook. Since Walmart had this on roll back it was FREE.
  • Price Matched the Old El Paso to Food Basics for $2.99 and then used 2 $4.00 off coupons for ground beef. This resulted in 2 kits and 2 packages of ground beef for $6.90 and it comes with 2 more coupons for ground Beef.
  • World's Best Cat Litter FREE with mail in rebate!/worldsbestcatlitter/app_383497088332182
  • Skinny Cow on for $4.97 and used a $5.00 off coupon. Made $0.03 :-)
  • Free Tetly Tea from the Breakfast Item promotion.

Total for my shop was $12.47

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