Thursday, 5 January 2012

Following My Blog

So I am new to the whole blog thing. It looks like in order for you to show up in my followers box on my page you must have a google account. Here is what google told me:

" if they don't have a Google account (Google accounts do not have to be set up on Gmail accounts, my Google account is set up on my yahoo email account), they can't use Google Friends Connect. If they don't have a Google account set up on some unique valid email address, they are limited to reading your blog at the url through a regular browser, or by subscribing to the feed of the blog and reading it in a feed reader. All it means is that they can't use the "Followers" gadget on your doesn't mean they can't be regular readers of your blog."

So it looks like everyone has 2 options. 1) create a free google account set up to you email (cogeco, hotmail) Then you can be one of my followers and you will show up in my followers section.

2) Just visit my blog site when you can from this address  and follow by email. The link for following by email is at the bottom of my page. This will send you emails when I post to my blog.

Either way is great. You can comment on the blog even if you don't have a google account. Simply hit the comment under my blog post and post a comment by using the Anonymous from the drop down menu. Of course I won't see your name but you could add your name to the comment.


  1. Hey Tracy,
    Love it !!!
    You have to inservice us at work.
    Talk tomorrow.

  2. Hey Tracy,
    Went to the coupon page and signed up for lots and they are mailed which I love !!!
    See you tomorrow.