Friday, 6 January 2012

The Never Ending Ground Beef

Old El Paso has a $4.00 off ground beef coupons it's box. I bought a Soft Taco kit at No Frills for $2.99 a couple of weeks ago that had this coupon on it. The next day, I used the coupon by buying another dinner kit box on sale and now there has been a never ending ground beef supply for free. I went to Zehres last night for box 5 that was on sale for $3.99 and got another 2 lbs of lean ground beef for free! And of course the box has another coupon on it! But I did notice that the ground beef coupons are running out and are now replace with movie snack tickets. I didn't take the time to read the new box. I think this has been a great deal since the Ol El Paso kits are often on sale and easy to find. For $2.99 to $3.99 you get the taco kit and 2 lbs of ground beef! Can you say FREE BEEF?


  1. Hi Tracy! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the world of couponing and blogging :)

    This is a great deal the deal before this was shredded cheese :)

  2. Very Cool! Good Job Lady! :)