Friday, 6 January 2012

Free Yoga Mat Arrived Safe and Sound

Tuesday I picked up the free box of Special K and entered my pin codes on the web site. To update you my FREE yoga mat arrived today. Much larger than I thought and it seem like a good quality. 3 days from order to arrival is pretty good.


  1. Need more details. How did you get the free special K and did you win the mat or does everyone who enters the pin code get the mat?

  2. LOL yes you purchase any 2 specially marked Packages of Special K and go to the web site listed on the inside of the box. The pin codes are also listed insode the box. Enter the 2 pin codes and get a free yoga mat.

    As for the free boxs of Special K it came from one of the coupons mailed to me and had to be used on Jan. 3 only. I also picked up a second box on sale last week and used another $1.00 coupon. So in total I spent $1.99 and got 2 boxes of Special K and a yoga mat! Love it :-)

  3. Very cool! thanks for the details Bridigd

    1. yah thanks :PPPPPPPPP