Friday, 6 January 2012

How to Turn a $10.00 Gift Card into $40.00 of products!

Remember the $10.00 Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card I mentioned earlier this week? Here is what happened to it. Went back to SDM today and purchased 5 boxes of Nature Valley Granola Bars on sale for $1.99 for FREE. These boxes of bars had a coupon for Oasis Juice up to a value of $3.89. I then went to Walmart and picked up the free juice. So for Free I got 5 boxes of granola bars and 5 free juice. A total savings of over $25.00 depending on what prices you go by. Regular price $40.00 Sale prices $25.00. Overall a savings of 100%!
Many kinds of juices to choose from. I purchased these for my classroom.

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  1. that is incredible.....I'm in shoppers all the time ....have recently bought the bars on sale for 1.99 but look how you have done it, you are my hero !