Friday, 16 March 2012

Swagbucks Earn Me FREE Gift Cards  Here is the link to join!

I have posted this before for others to get in on this money making website.  I have to say it is one of the simplest ways to earn free gift cards for places like  Each day I spend about 15 minutes and the points just add up.
 Here are my suggestions
1. Install the Tool Bar (I open it once a day to earn 1 SB)
2. I use the toolbar to search anything I need on the Internet. (average 25 SB per day)
3. NOSO is under the earn tab. Takes about 30 seconds to click through it. (You can do this once a day to earn 2SB)
4. Check this web site for SB codes posted throughout the day...
5. You can also do other things to earn points like surveys to earn mega SBs.

Here are my points from today: 61 SB

03/16/12Searching the Web10 SB
03/16/12Special Offer: SB Offers: Dodge30 SB
03/16/12Swag Code: Pot0Gold5 SB
03/16/12Searching the Web12 SB
03/16/12Bonus Swag Bucks: Toolbar Use1 SB
03/16/12Bonus Swag Bucks: NOSO Visit2 SB
03/16/12Bonus Swag Bucks: Daily Poll1 SB

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